Work from Pendulum, April 2011

3:19 PM Posted by Sam.L

Lately I've been working at Pendulum Studios as an animator. Since I've started there I've worked on three separate projects:

Red Faction: Armageddon, June 2010-January 2011: for which we did the pre-rendered cinematics. (I will post examples of that work when they're available) I personally was an animator on this project for both the 3D pre-production and production steps of the pipeline, and later I helped with some cloth simulation

February 2011-April 2011

0:12-0:19 Odin body animation
0:26-0:29 Odin body animation
0:41-0:48 Odin body and Facial animation
1:48-1:51 Odin Hand animation
1:56-1:58 Thor Hair Simulation
2:07-208 Thor Hair simulation

Notes: the body animation for this project was mocap-based, as was the lip-synch for the facial. All hand, prop, and non-lip synch facial animation was hand-keyed.

Captain America Game PreRender Trailer
April 2011-Current
This project is on-going, the trailer is set to debut at E3, I will update this post to reflect that once I am able to do so.