Work from Pendulum, April 2011

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Lately I've been working at Pendulum Studios as an animator. Since I've started there I've worked on three separate projects:

Red Faction: Armageddon, June 2010-January 2011: for which we did the pre-rendered cinematics. (I will post examples of that work when they're available) I personally was an animator on this project for both the 3D pre-production and production steps of the pipeline, and later I helped with some cloth simulation

February 2011-April 2011

0:12-0:19 Odin body animation
0:26-0:29 Odin body animation
0:41-0:48 Odin body and Facial animation
1:48-1:51 Odin Hand animation
1:56-1:58 Thor Hair Simulation
2:07-208 Thor Hair simulation

Notes: the body animation for this project was mocap-based, as was the lip-synch for the facial. All hand, prop, and non-lip synch facial animation was hand-keyed.

Captain America Game PreRender Trailer
April 2011-Current
This project is on-going, the trailer is set to debut at E3, I will update this post to reflect that once I am able to do so.

New Reel: May 2010

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Here's my latest reel with work from my Senior Production.

UPDATE: New Reel and breakdowns, Senior short is up now Watch it Here.


DRB#1: From "A Complex Villianelle"
All Animation: Samuel Lanane
Rig by Ryan Porter
Penguin Model by Nathanial Billington
Environment Artists: Ryan Porter, Zachary Mckenzie, Kyle Mckenzie

DRB#2: From "A Complex Villianelle"
All Character Animation: Samuel Lanane
Penguin Model by Nathanial Billington
Rig by Ryan Porter
Lighting Artist: Bryan Weathers
Compositing: Ellie Reznikov
Environment Artists: Samuel Lanane, Bryan Weathers, Zachary Mckenzie, Kyle Mckenzie, Ellie Reznikov, Gray Scott

DRB# 3: From "A Complex Villianelle"
All Animation: Samuel Lanane
All Rigs by Ryan Porter
Character Models by Nathanial Billington, Juan Hernandez

DRB#4: Personal Work
All Animation: Samuel Lanane
Batman Model by William Foster
Rig by Ryan Porter

DRB# 5: Class work
All Animation: Samuel Lanane
"Moom" model and rig by Ramtin Ahmadi
Audio from Futurama

Updated May 4 2010

Student Reel: April 2009

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Student Reel: April 2009 from Samuel Lanane on Vimeo.

Contact Info:

Samuel Lanane
Phone: 760 920 3993

Breakdown Sheet:

Modeling and Sculpting Section:

Character: Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft
Model, Texture, Sculpting, Render by Samuel Lanane
Modeled, Rendered in Maya
Sculpted, Textured in Zbrush 3

Animation Section:
Character Walks:

Character: Turtle, Author Unknown
Rig, Render, Animation by Samuel Lanane
Rigged, Rendered in Maya
Animated in Motionbuilder

Pose to Pose:

Character and Rig: Moom v. 4.0.2 by Ramtin Ahmadi
Audio: Futurama Ep. 13 "Fry and the Slurm Factory"
Render and Animation by Samuel Lanane
Rendered and Animated in Maya

Concept Art Section:

Character 1: Drawing by Samuel Lanane
Concept art created for character Penguin from in-progress Senior Final
Pencil, Scanned, Touched up in Photoshop

Character 2: Drawing by Samuel Lanane
Concept art created for character Batman from in-progress Senior Final
Pencil, Scanned, Touched up in Photoshop

Story Boards: Drawing by Samuel Lanane
Concept art created for Flight sequence from in-progress Senior Final
Pencil, Scanned, Touched up in Photoshop

For the full versions of the projects on my reel, please refer to the other posts.

Character Creation

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This is the final project for my Character Creation class. The character is my own interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu.

Base-Mesh, Posing, UVs, and Render: Maya
Sculpting and Texturing: ZBrush 3

First Some Concept Art

And the video:

Senior Project

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The final project of the animation program at UCD is an animated short. The entire class works together starting with Preproduction in the spring semester of the Junior year. The short itself is based on an audio clip by Jonathan Goldstein called The Penguin Goes a Courtin'. We're using this audio clip and creating visuals to match the story.

Here's some of the concept artwork that I've created for the short:

These are some concepts for the Batman character in the short, a relatively minor character, but a character nonetheless.

And some early Penguin concepts:

A Set Design Floorplan:

Animation Class Work

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Character Walk:

This is my first project from my animation class. The assignment was to create two different character walk animations. The turtle model was provided by the program. The rig and animation is all by me.

Rigged and Rendered in Maya 2009
Animated in Motion Builder 2009

Pose-to-Pose Project:

The goal of this project was to explore the basics of keyframe pose-to-pose animation by recreating an existing scene from a film. The audio is a clip from the show Futurama. The character and rig is Moom v. 4.0.2 by Ramtin Ahmadi. Animation by me.

Animated and Rendered in Maya 2009